Duke Marine Engineering Consultanting Inc.

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Duke Marine Engineering Consultants, Inc. has multiple contracts with the U.S. Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship Program to provide licensed engineers for ship rider services, crew familiarization training, port engineering services, builders and acceptance trials, final contract trials, combat system services, preventative maintenance and emergent repairs.

  • Main Propulsion & Auxiliary System Designs
  • HM&E Troubleshooting
  • Marine Plant Operations & Automation
  • Preventative & Corrective Maintenance
  • Emergent Repairs
  • Ship Rider Services
  • Port Engineer Services
  • AIT Services for Electrical System Repairs, Removal and Installations

DMEC’s Services

Ship Rider

Preventative Maintenance

Emergent Repairs

Builder’s Trials

Crew Familiarization Training

Watch Engineer

AIT Services